So U Say Your From Cali?

Just Wanted to see if people knew some of the same random facts about ca as I do. I really dont know much about the state. I just know I lived there for 21 years before I finally moved away.

Are you really from california? or are you taking this quiz cause someone said you should. dont let peer pressure get you.and remember. you dont need to lie to a quiz to make friends so whats the answer tot he first question? in just a few minutes you we will find out!"

Created by: Scott

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  1. You know what a 4 x 4 Animal Style is?
  2. You know where to get one of these "4 X 4's"
  3. Does the Joshua Tree National Park have anything to do with a forrest?
  4. Have Seen a commercial for an Attraction that awaits you where the 10,210 and 57 freeways meet in San Dimas?
  5. What Attraction is it?
  6. Been through a Border partol check point miles from THE BORDER?
  7. Which beach city is the Salton Sea located?
  8. Were you even born in California?
  9. Can you really drive through a tree in Northern California?
  10. Heard of Stater Bros Markets?
  11. Been to a Westfield Mall?
  12. Your sure Santa Monica Pier have its own Mini theme park?
  13. Is there really a sign on the freeway that has a DAD, MOM, Ad flying child?
  14. You can buy fireworks in parking lots of grocery stores
  15. Have seen your town/city on an episode of COPS
  16. Know the Speed Limit is:
  17. Know where Route 66 meets I-5
  18. Use/Used your AREA code to Explain to some people where you live

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Quiz topic: So U Say my From Cali?