In this quiz you will be tested on if you are a fan of, and how good you are at it, the results you will be rated from noob/newbie to master. Hope you score high!

Are YOU a pro? Do you have what it takes to become a master? Find out in this extraordinarily 18-question quiz! These questions might include stuff you never thought about before. Good luck!

Created by: RandomQuizzesDude888

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the minimum amount of mass a single blob can give you?
  2. What's your length when you start the game?
  3. How many skins can you choose from on the iPad version?
  4. What is the shape of a map?
  5. What do you eat in
  6. How many skins have 2 eyes?
  7. How many game modes are on the iPad version of
  8. What is the color of out of bounds?
  9. Can you play on the Xbox/PS?
  10. Does the name of your snake help you live?
  11. How long can your name be?
  12. In the iPad version, how many skins have antennae?
  13. Is it a snake or a worm? (Doesn't effect score)
  14. Did you enjoy this quiz? (Doesn't effect score)
  15. What will you rate this quiz? (Doesn't effect score)

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