sin states of america

"Are sins,hatred and fear ruling your life. If no take this quiz. In it you will face down your sins and how you really feel about outher races and cultures." Enjoy my babbies.

"I created this quiz to examine how many of us let fear,racism,and sin run our lives. While reading this I just want to point out I`m not crazy or walk around telling people how to live but I do like to examine the world`s tolerance level'

Created by: michael
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  1. Should haspanic-americans be pulled over cause they might be immigrants?
  2. Are you Democrat or Republican?
  3. Do you believe african-americans cry racism to much?
  4. Which sin do you use more often then other sins.
  5. which sin would you prefer to have?
  6. which party has more sinners?
  7. which ethnic group has more sinners.
  8. should racism be a sin?
  9. if you find a wallet on the floor with money in it would you try to return to owner or spend money?
  10. you are in a burning building with a family member. do you help that family member or just worry about self?
  11. What is your opinion on gays.
  12. what is your opinion on other religions.

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