shut up! gosh -.-

ughh you are so getting on my nerves you wont stay still for one moment, and you wont shut your mouth! so shut up! shush up child, mommy is working. now please

go over there and talk to sissy and leave mommmy alone. mommy has work to do, mommy needs you to leave her alone. and honey fear quit blasting your music, mommy can hear it all the way over here and its a bit distracting

Created by: scolionophobia

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  1. shut up!
  2. shut up! gosh!
  3. man why wont you stay quiet!
  4. shhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  5. shut up!!!! you wont shut up!!!
  6. -.-, san you please shut the fu*k UP!!!
  8. keep quiet, you wont shut your trap
  9. can you mute your mouth!!! just figure out how to shut it up!
  10. -.- do you need it spelled out? S-H-U-T- U-P!!!!

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