Shoutout Quiz. c:

Hi everyone, I just decided I should make a shoutout quiz for people on GoToQuiz (just because x3). So yeah, there's really nothing else I can say. xD

Again, there's probably nothing else I have left to say, but that I made a shoutout quiz. x3 So yeah, I'll see you all later, bye for now. ~ Blue_Fire

Created by: Blue_Fire

  1. Weaux, ICEE_CHILL (Icy), sweetbunny480 (Bunny/Bun-Bun/Fufe), blacky chan, mcqueen, LoneShadowWolf (Lone-Wolf), RainInTheShadows (Rain), and Dark22978 (Darky-chan~) are ALL my best friends which are ALL great people of whom I enjoy talking to so much~
  2. Moyashi has been mean to me lately, so I decided that she has become a person of un-interest. The Coldest Sun is kinda alright, but she's been (a little bit) mean too, so I also don't like her. The Geek is accusing me of being someone I'm not, which is really creeping me out. I really don't like The Geek, either.
  3. Beatle Obsessed, DaughterOfApollo, and Fiery_Soul, all of your guys' quizzes are great, I enjoy taking them so much!
  4. Bye-Bye. c: ~ Blue_Fire

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