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shout out quiz 2 all my friends

Created by: fancy

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  1. My 1 shout out goes...imafancyjag he was there since i 1 joined GTQ and now hes one of my best friend
  2. My 2nd shout out goes tooooo bonnie we just met a few weeks ago and now she came one of best friend im so glad shes my friend
  3. my 3rd shout out goes. tooooo... unstopaplepanda3 I don't know him much but he's such a great person
  4. my 4th shout out goes... jayfeather310 again i don't know her but shes super silly and kind
  5. my 5th shout out goes tooooo... my parents thank so much for looking after me l luv u
  6. my 6th shout out goes tooooo... story saara she is funny and really nice im glad she is in here
  7. well i think that im so sorry if i missed u and if i did i will make u a quiz just 4 u if were in it give yourself a pat on the back so ill see u guys late byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee
  8. will u comment
  9. will u rate
  10. byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee

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