Shout Out Quiz (December 2020 Edition)

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Created by: LeafNight

  1. Thanks to Summers, for being there in time of need- and for listening to my ranting
  2. Thanks to Spice, for also listening to my ranting, and for being such a great friend ever since I first joined. And for being like the best at rping.
  3. Thanks to Vio, for being an awesome friend and listening to whatever I say in my thread, even if it's just pointless crap, you always comment on it, and you're literally always online :D
  4. Thanks to Jade, for letting me have her email mostly because I am totally not going to do any spam mail when I get bored >:D
  5. Road, you do realize you also put your email out there- heh heh
  6. So
  7. Well there might be Woofle ig
  8. I think that's it
  9. Hm Eclipse, you say? I don't know if I'm sure on that, but ig we can count her in... mayb

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