Should You Get Fat (Men)

Some men don't know wether they should get ripped or flabby. So because of that I made this quiz. I hope you all enjoy it and hope I helped someone!!!

This quiz asks pretty much every single possible thing that will happen during a gaining period so if you're up for the challenge go for it. Even if you don't care for being fat. Take the wiz. It's pretty fun.

Created by: Aajax27

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  1. Let's get some Basic out of the way. How much do you weigh?
  2. How do you spend your weekend usually?
  3. Its Guys Night Out! You go to a restaurant and get seated, you have gained a little bit and one of your friends mentions it and gives a helpful diet tip. You...
  4. Your friend regrets what he said. He decides to gain a little bit as well and to also help you out a bit. He decides to get you 2 large meals. You..
  5. Toward the end of the night, you feel bloated. You can barely move and your jeans and shirt feel real tight. You don;t wanna eat anymore, but your friends want to get some dessert. They want you to eat along with them. While you eat, your button pop and your belly bulges out. You..
  6. Why do you want to be fat?
  7. It's been about 2 months and you've gained 25 pounds. You feel slightly bigger. You decide to go out shopping for some more food and when you get there, you see one of your friends. They say you've grown a lot bigger in a negative way. You...
  8. What do you do on your spare time?
  9. In College, what was (is) your main goal so far?
  10. You go to a store, a bit chunkier than before, and nothing seems to fit you right. You...
  11. You've gained 50 pounds in 4 months and you feel great! Yiu go out with the guys again and you see that one of your friends have put up a few pounds too. You realize he gained was to make you happier and that it also made happier as well. You
  12. It's Super Bowl Sunday and the guys are throwing a party and you're invited. Even though you don't watch sports, you decide to go. When you get there you see that there are so much food! There are 10 boxes of pizza, 20 foot long sandwiches, 10 bags of chips, 10 bottles of soda, and 20 hot dogs and hamburgers (each), and you you're only 4 people. During halftime, everone decided to eat. Everyone grabs one thing, but you start off grabbing 2 hamburgers, a sandwitch, and stuff your face with two pizzas at a time. One of your "toned" friends come up to you and say eat up big boy. you..
  13. The Super Bowl ends and you are the last one to leave. The owner of the house still insists to you to stay and finish the food. You tell him no because you feel a little bloated and you're wearing pants that are way to tight for you.He keeps on begging and you had to say yes. There was only 5 hamburgers, 2 bags of chips, 4 boxes of pizza, and 2 sandwiches. You eat it all in under half an hour and you feel so bloated now; however the owner insists you stay for some more time. You two talk and talk for a while and suddenly his wife comes in with two gigantic pies. You really start craving pies and the owner allows you to take both. You grab it and start waiting Once you finished, your pants start tor rip, and you button pops along with your zipper. Your friend laughs and stands up and smacks your belly. He says you've got a great belly, hang on a sec. He eaves the room. You..
  14. He comes back with tight jeans and a tight shirt. You thank him kindly. After all that, he asks you if you wan to stay the night after all he's done. You agree. In the morning, you walk into the kitchen and see a huge banquet. 15 pancakes stacked on top of each other covered with syrup and butter, 5 scrambled eggs with 30 pieces of bacon. You see your friend (the owner) with a bowl f cereal. He asks you to dig in. Your mouth is watering... you...
  15. Finally you get home and decide to check your weight. You haven't in a month. You've gained 20 pounds! (70 lbs in total) You look in the mirror and see that you got Moobs (Man boobs) and at least 2-3 folds. You also got a hairy chest. Your mom pays a surprise visit later in the day and pleads you to lay off the junk food. You respond as...
  16. You go out with one of your friends (the first one introduced at the beginning of the quiz) and see that he's slightly bigger than before. He goes toward you and say s I wish I had a belly like yours and starts jiggling it. You...
  17. When you go grocery shopping, what's usually in your shopping cart.
  18. Look into a mirror with only underwear on. What do you see?
  19. Do You Like Being Fat?
  20. How many Fat rolls do you have?
  21. How many meals a day do you eat?
  22. Lay down in bed and lift your chin up, just little. What do you see?
  23. You order food for delivery. you ask for 3 party sized pizzas (50 pieces each) and some dozen doughnuts. The delivery man expects a party, but you take it instead, he looks at you and your gut in a negative way. You...
  24. You have now gained a total of 85 pounds. (15 pounds in a week) You don't look the same at all. Your belly button is like a huge black hole. However your friends got your back. They're telling you to do whatever you want, so you...
  25. One of your friends (the owner) decides t help you gain as much weight in the next month He makes you a schedule of eating. You must eat at least every hour it says. So yo do just that. You continue eating all of the foods it tells you and when. You even feel bigger. What do you do to your friend.
  26. What shirt size are you?
  27. How fats do you have to get new clothes. (since you gain weight)
  28. You have finally reached 100 pounds. when you sit down, your shtomach cover your legs and when you stand up, you can barely see your legs, knees, and belly. Your belly sticks out so much and you decide to celebrate with two of your friends that helped you get this far. They both get tiny filling dishes and they decided to order for you. The bill was on them they said. When the food came, your friends both got burger sliders, but you... you got extra. 12 hamburgers, 12 hot dogs, 5 filet minions,a whole salmon, 2 plates of pasta, and 5 whole pizzas. You..
  29. After dinner, they obviously got you dessert, but it was probably the most dessert ever. You got a whole cheesecake, a couple of pies, 5 bowls of ice cream (5 scoops each), chocolate chip cookies, and doughnuts. You...
  30. How much fat can you pull from your stomach?
  31. When you walk, what happens to you?
  32. THE QUIZ IS ALMOST DONE!!! Why did you take this quiz?
  33. ALMOST THERE! Can you handle people being rude to you. If you ever decide to get fat, you shouldn't care what others think.
  34. FINAL QUESTION!!! Out of the following, which is your favorite?

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