Should You Get A Dog?

Have you ever wanted to know if a dog would be a good idea for you? Now you will be able to find out. Take this quiz to find out ia cute furry friend is in your future.

Warning: this is not fully accurate. You may live in a shack and a dog would be VERY happy in your care, but this is just what most people think and what dogs are normally accustomed to.

Created by: 8Angels

  1. Are you patient?
  2. How much money would you be planning to spend on your dog?
  3. How is your living space?
  4. How do your roommates/family members feel about you getting a dog?
  5. How much free time do you have usually?
  6. Do you prefer to be alone or with others?
  7. Does your job take up a lot of your attention?
  8. Are you often away on trips?
  9. Is your home rented out?
  10. How are you energetically?
  11. Do you WANT a dog?
  12. Last one. Why did you take this?

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Quiz topic: Should I Get A Dog?