Should you gain weight

Everyone has a different desired weight and average weight, I believe you should pursue your desired weight rather then your average age weight as it is better to be happy on the inside rather than beautiful on the outside in my opinion as some people want to be normal, underweight, overweight, fat or even obese.

this quiz will ask you 14 questions to determine whether you should gain a small amount(if you are underweight), a large amount (if you are severely underweight),not gain any, lose weight or gain as much as you want (if your answers show you want to be overweight)..

Created by: Quizo
  1. How much do you weigh?
  2. When you eat you...
  3. Do normal size clothes for your age...
  4. Do you want to become overweight/obese?
  5. If you woke up and you had gained 10kg you would...
  6. If you would win $1000 every time you gained 5kg, how many one thousand dollars would you have?
  7. If someone called you fat, you would...
  8. What do your friends/family think about fat people?
  9. Would you not mind being slower than everyone else at sports, not fitting through some spaces and not fitting into normal clothes?
  10. Would you enjoy sitting around playing with your fat and eating all the time?
  11. Have you recently started eating more or gaining weight?
  12. are you naturally.....
  13. Children/Teens only!! Do your parent/s feed you...

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Quiz topic: Should I gain weight