Should you be in Elementary,middle,or high school??

Do you ever wonder if you should be in elementary,middle school,etc. i have.that is why i've created this,you can figure out if you are in elementary,middle,or high school.pleeze take it!thank you!

do YOU ever wonder if you should be in elementary school,middle school, or high school?i know i do.this is y the quiz iz can find is just one click away.thankz.

Created by: HAY
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what grade are you in?
  2. how old are you?(years)
  3. 12X12=?
  4. do you play with barbies,action figures,legos,hide-and-seek,etc.?
  5. are you allowed to babysit?
  6. do you know what the star in this be below means? 6*3
  7. go back to question 8.what does the star in 6*3 mean?
  8. what score do you want to get?
  9. are you in...?
  10. are you bored.if so pick one.if not answer on the next.
  11. hi.hi.hi. r u bored

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Quiz topic: Should I be in Elementary,middle,or high school??