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  • I got man but I feel like I should be woman, I play videogames but I always try to play as a female avatar because for some reason it makes me happier than playing as male, I feel more like my character subconsciously.

    I'm around people who would accept me but one of them is a creep and would comment on s--- like they always so. I'm not sure if I should speak to anyone about it such as my mother, as my father is too old to fully grasp the concept.

    • i got girl but i wanted to be a boy...

  • I'm born Male but have felt feminine for most of my life. I see myself as a girl inside and out. And I always dress up feminine 24. 7. I always wear beautiful lingirie and beautiful lacy stockings every day. And beautiful babydoll nighties in bed alone. But I really want a lover to appreciate me and love me for who I am. I'm very loving and giving as a feminine girly guy. I love to dress up to please and tease. XxxxxX

    Selina tv
    • You just have to be what you are ment tobe.

    • Well thats kinda hawt lol but sweet do you boo

    • You do you! I was born female and have always felt like I am in the wrong body. I intend on getting the Transgender surgery when I'm older.I dress as a boy most the time to make myself happy. To those who don't like it,keep it to yourself.

      Bakdeku child
  • You are a Boy 93%

    You are a boy. You generally speaking do not care what you look like, but secretly, you are self concious. You either have a large group of friend or a very small amount of very close friends. You are heavily criticized not on your appearance, but your personality. You tend to resort to physical rather than verbal/ emotional violence, trying to be a MACHO MAN. Simply, you are in fact a MACHO MACHO MAN, YOU ARE A, MACHO MAN !!!

  • Alycia rose walker ,

    the little boy I've always dreamed of having my ears pierced so when I turn 17 I had both my ears pierced three times in each year and then one day I was with my girlfriend and she wanted to dress me up as a girl and show me how to her mom's family since then I've always felt like I should have been a girl not a boy but I still like girls I don't like boys and now I've been dressing up like a girl since 2019 going out in public but I still need to work on my voice because I look so damn cute as a girl but as soon as I open my mouth I sound like a man so I really need to work on female lysing my voice thank you for reading my story and my real name is David Kenneth Walker

    • That's since 2009

  • I have always known I was born in the wrong body. As a child I was always frustrated that I couldn't wear cute girls clothes or play house and dolls because this wasn't what boys did in the 1960's. I have always felt feminine inside, caring and motherly. In my later years, I am doing the best I can to be the person I really should have been born.

  • 85% Girl, I love that , I like being treated as a WOMAN for that's who I am inside, I would love dressing up as a WOMAN and be able to live as one but can't because of society and family. Anyways thanks for the confirmation, loved it.

    • Thats the problem. .I would dress as a woman if I could..but family wouldent accept it ..I have a skirt on today..don't like male clothes.

    • 91% girl. I love to dress as a women whenever I can. Nothing makes me feel better than to look in the mirror and see a pretty woman.

  • Yaaay. I got "you are a a girl". If only I could have been born as one. I wish that there could be a magic spell somehow that could turn me into the pretty little girl like I've always wanted to be but be able to keep my memories of my former life intact and grow up in a loving, nurturing home and community where everyone would treat me as if I had had always been one.

  • I'm mostly girly even though I'm actually a boy I always felt like I should be a girly girl and wear cute clothes lots of makeup heels Jewlry and have lots of purses

    Sissy nichole
    • Hey I'm a boy N the other dY a girl told me sId dam I'm a girl an I don't like dressing up S much as you I love e girly things call .e queer f-- what e dr guess ther right

      Ronda girl
  • I was born male. I just wonder though. When it comes to my manners and emotions, I believe they are more very feminine. People even say I sound feminine on the phone and call me Miss. I have a genetic blood disorder that made things even worse. I never developed like many males and became muscular. I have a frame that is closer to my mother's. I was born with high cheekbones and soft dark hair at birth, I never really could grow a lot of facial hair. Women would always say say you have the smoothest skin for a male. When I grow my hair out and decide not to be bald, some people think I am a woman. I am a small person. I accidentally placed on a pair of my sister's brown khakis one time-she and I were the same size once...a women's size six. I didn't know I was that size. My late aunt told me I should get my ears pierce...I considered it once. My cousin and nephews pierced theirs. I've had trouble dating women since most want a big man. They find out about my genetic illness, then they really depart. The best lady in my life whom I loved dearly died. She loved seeing me with my hair grown out. She also loved to hear to hear me sing and loved the poetry I wrote for her. I considered getting a makeover and dressing up since people think I can pass with hair. Maybe I can somebody if I look like one. It's bad that's what many think I'm good for is wearing a formal dress and high heels. The tests say I think like a girl. Maybe that is why my writing is so popular. Maybe I should soon test it out in real life. I've always been curious. With the Lupron shots my urologist's been giving me for private problems, I've developed breasts between B and C. I've considered wearing support if the problem of gynecomastia worsens. I'll have a reason to wear lingerie and thongs if I decide to become to try out the life of of a crossdresser. I'd always been curious. I'd bet women's clothes would fit me better than men's clothes. None of the mens clothes I've ever worn have ever fit me co

  • Born a boy however from a very young age wanted to be a girl and would dress up as much possible in girls clothes. I now live as a woman loving every day and try my best to present as the lady I am.

  • Should You be a Boy or a Girl?
    Your Result: You are a Boy 91%
    79% You are a Girl
    Good thats the answer I wanted

    Also to other people in this comment section yall should really know that this is just meant to be a fun quiz (not like I wrote it or anything but I just think it is) its definitely not serious!! If you think youre transgender theres a lot of other quizzes that are seriously about it!!! And a lot of these questions really dont have anything to with gender at all

  • Appreciate having the opportunity to prove that my medically diagnosis of gender dysphoria is accurate.

    I feel I am closer to letting family and friends know that I am really a woman in a male body. I am so happy crossdressing and spending more happy time being RobinAnne. Thanks

    • it says l am a girl and that is how l feel. l just wish l could tell my friend and family but till then l will keep wearing my girly clothes and wear them in when alone. l am trying to get bigger breasts so when the grow all will know that l am sissy.

  • That legitimately upset me, I'm 13 and I got a boy and I've biologically been a boy my entire life but ever since I was about 6, I've felt like a girl and I've always wanted to be a girl and that quiz just showed me that I could never be who I wanted, I'm not against the creator, I just hate myself

    Me when the when
  • I was born female but i like boy clothes i also like the name jay even though my name is Jadea i like to wear soft boy and oversized jumpers i like acting like a boy and love to play the boy when playing games i got 90 percent boy and i feel like i am a boy not a girl :)

  • I got 78% male and 52% female. As a women myself my friends see me a bit more on the masculine side. In relationships Im both affectionate but most of the time Im dominant. Even tho Im a bit more masculine Im attracted to guys. Personally I like being a female.

  • I got like, 83% something boy? Im a girl (who kinda wants to be a boy) Im not trans or anything, like I dont feel weird about being called a she or having a /////

    But still, Idk. Im confused.

    • It's strange you would want to be a's got to be better being a girl..clothes are so much can go out in anything you want to ...I can't. .much prefer skirts..if only ..

  • Wow, i got 97% girl. But i am a guy who is lazy amd plays video games all day, should i really consider being a girl maybe? I mean I always wanted to have long hair and nails, but my parents say I cannot. Can someone snap me at j-ninjadj to tell me if I should? Thank you

  • I think if anyone is taking this test and considering that they should be the opposite gender, you should look into transgender support, or therapy.

  • I've felt feminine my whole life, wear womens clothing and silicone breasts n water to be s woman my whole life n a Soft Dom man to b with me til one of us us no longer alive. I was 14 n on the streets wen I had my first dom n last one at age 19 wen he pasd away.

  • I'm a cross dresser male who wants to become forced to love being a girl and want to become a girl by dating straight men and having regular sexual intercourse so I love this answer!

    • Hi didigirly

      I too have the same fantasy.. but I would dearly love to meet a girl like you.. force her to be girly 24/7. And be her straight male boyfriend

      Gerry XX ( babysandra )

  • A boy,I'm not gonna lie I do act like a boy alot more than a girl. I like being outdoors and having fun thrilling adventurous then going to get a manicure or my hair done. Cool quiz mate.

  • Tw. Abuse. I was born a female but I was abused at 9 years old by my cousin sister. Now I'm 17 and I never did what wanted to do. It turns out I am trans but I still don't know myself yet or idk if I want to change my gender cuz it was a female who abused me. 89% man 59% woman

  • I so wanna be a girl can some one tell me how to be a girl but I don't wanna take a surgery to become a girl PLZ email me at [no emails]

  • Just like the previous comments I have read,I too have been given the wrong gender identity. I'm not gay..not attracted to men. Just feel I could have accomplished more as a woman. But we are given what some feel is the norm...our norm is how we deal with our true inner feelings..such as living a lie being born the gender you know we are not.Remember being feminine inside is a beautiful gift in life. I have been dealing with my two lives for over 44 year's. Been married, divorced 45 year's... I love being a lady.. Thank's to All my Sister's..

    salilynn paiz
  • I was born a male too, but it said I should have been a girl, which I feel my feminine side most of the time anyways, and I do have a tendency to be a crybaby slot

    Frank Dietzel

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