Should u get an ipod touch?

Ipods are alot of fun u can liaten to music play games take pictures take videos take notes go on the internet(if u have internet from the wifi). Enjoy my quiz.

Should u get one. Take my quiz to find out they are tons of fun really they are they are worth feting but if u know u cant aford it then dont buy it save the money.

Created by: Lolallday

  1. Do u like big screens on electronics?(like on ipods)
  2. Do u like touch screens?
  3. Do u like music?
  4. Do u like apps?(games, picture editore so on)
  5. Do u like taking pics?
  6. Do u like that ipods have wi-fi?
  7. Do u like complicated technology?
  8. Witch one would u rather have?
  9. Do u like it wen ipods have passwords?
  10. Pic an app...
  11. Pic a song...
  12. Witch app do u think u would use the most?(if u dont have one.if u do have onee then witch one DO u use the most)
  13. Do u have time to use an ipod touch?
  14. Do u look at your self in the mirror alot?

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