Should I say "Yes" to him??

He bends down on one knee and says: "Will you marry me??" And you think: 'I don't know. What should I say?' So you say: "Let me think about it. No offense."

'What do I do?' You think. Here is the answer!! Take this short quiz and find what to reply and an example sentence or two so you even know how to say it.

Created by: Kayla

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long have you known each other??
  2. On a scale of one to five how romantic was him proposal?
  3. When you see him you feel...
  4. Your latest date was...
  5. On a scale on one to five how HOTT is he
  6. On a scale of one to five how funny is he??
  7. Now theses next 3 questions don't count so don't worry. What is his favorite color?
  8. Remember this question doesn't count. What color hair does he have?
  9. Doesn't count!! Do you know his middle name??
  10. Do you want to marry him??

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