Should I buy it

Have you wondered across something in a store or on online and you just can't decide whether to buy it or not. Is it a materialistic need or do you actually need it?

Should YOU buy it? Do you really need it, well if you want to know then take this quiz. It will only take a little brain power to complete this quiz and get the results! Good Luck!

Created by: mila
  1. Is it expencive
  2. Is it something to make your appearance better
  3. Can you live without it
  4. Have you thought about buying it for a while. I mean weeks of decision making and then come to me to make your final decision.
  5. Is it New like Target new or is it an antique
  6. Will the item last a few years-a long time
  7. Is it for entertainment
  8. Will others be jealous (just saying)
  9. Others say "You should get it"
  10. Is it going to hurt someone
  11. Is it a pet
  12. Last Question: The thing is not a human(in any way)

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