Should I buy Diablo III?

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Here at Blizzard we have put eleven years of development into creating the ultimate action roll playing game of all time; Diablo III! We knew that creating a satisfying sequel to one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time was going to be difficult but we totally nailed it!

Should YOU buy Diablo III? We think the answer is almost certainly a yes, but just in case you have any doubt take this simple quiz to find out if Diablo III is the right game for you!

Created by: Kraig
  1. My favorite kind of writing is:
  2. The most fulfilling use of my money is:
  3. Game designers should be most rewarded for:
  4. The best way to spend time in a game is:
  5. When I buy something I like to:
  6. My internet connection is:
  7. The most interesting kind of characters are:
  8. The best thing about gaming is:
  9. When building on a successful franchise a development team should:
  10. A games beta period is best used for:

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