What is your burrito flavor?

Everyone loves to figure out what they would be if they weren't humans. But in reality, how can you tell? Take burritos, for example. If they're not human they have no distinguishable personified traits, right? WRONG!

Burritos do have traits that make them eerily common to us. We have spoken with the burritos and have learned their ways. They can be summed up appropriately by their defined flavors, which we at Diablo's Burritos will unveil. We have finally bridged the gap between humans and burritos. What flavor burrito would you be if you were a delicious Diablo's Burrito?

Created by: Diablo
  1. Okay, it's 6 o'clock in the morning! What do you do?
  2. Okay, so you're awake. When you sit down to breakfast you feast on:
  3. Oh, you feel much more awake now! It's the weekend and there's no work to be done, so what's next?
  4. Just as you're about to begin, you get a phone call from your friends asking you come out with them.
  5. You decide to hang out with your friends. You go to meet them...
  6. Phew. After all of that excitement you need to clean up. To do so you:
  7. It's evening time. A fun activity to do to end the day would be:
  8. You're back in bed, you sleep heavily as the night goes on. Your dreams consist of:
  9. What's your favorite color?
  10. What's your best trait?

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Quiz topic: What is my burrito flavor?