Diablo 3 conservative vs progressive

For nearly a decade now, the internet rumor mill has been churning at full-speed with stories, insider tips, and speculation about the release of the next game in Blizzard's Diablo franchise. On June 28th, at the WWI in Paris, France, speculation and hearsay about Blizzard's next Diablo title was finally confirmed when Blizzard officially announced Diablo III.

This test shows whether you would like the new Diablo to lean on previous installments or not. Do you want Diablo 3 to stay faithfull to the older games? Or do you want it to be a completely fresh experience?

Created by: gus
  1. Should Diablo 3 ideally reuse classes from previous Diablo installments?
  2. Should Diablo 3 ideally keep the same inventory system (different items use different number of inventory slots) as used in D2?
  3. Should Diablo 3 bring back the same skill tree system as used in D2?
  4. What do you think of the new drop system which gives each player their own specific item drops in multiplayer games?
  5. Should Diablo 3 keep the same item based economy system as used in D2?
  6. Do you like the new color scheme that early footage of Diablo 3 introduced?
  7. Do you think Diablo 3 should offer player the chance to respec their skill distribution?
  8. Does the early Diablo 3 footage generally shows that Blizzard is trying to be faithfull to the Diablo 2 fanbase?
  9. Should Diablo 3 bring back different locations and characters from previous Diablo games?
  10. Finally, should Diablo 3 bring back anything else not mentioned before?

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