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  • Your Result: Obese 87%

    You want to be very fat but still be able to move around. Your goal weight should be around 500-600 pounds. If you try to move, you will have lots of trouble.

    Oh you bet! I want to be soooooooooooooo fat but still be able to move. My goal right now is 330 pounds and 50+ inches around my belly. I weigh now 220 and am 40 inches around. I am 5'4 tall. I love to watch my belly swell out of my pants. And then my shirt. So i can sit and play with my flabby tummy! I eat past the point of pain, too. Fatness is the best!! Happy gaining, my friends!

    Fatty Jazzi
  • Thanks for the tips IT FEELS REALLY GREAT AND COMFORTABLE AND NICE,I’m now about 700 pounds now and I’m still trying to get more pounds I’m still surprised that I’m not immobile because I like the comfortness of sitting down and doing thing on my cpu not needing to move and able to ask my other sibling for more food if needed,but anyway thanks for the help!

    • Thats awesome man Id love to see pictures
      [no emails]

    • B u c k l e g a i n e r 4 4 @ g m a I l . C o m

  • Guys soon we should make a law saying everyone must be obese or larger

  • I got obese, which is correct! I plan on getting to about 570 pounds a d slowing my gain a lot in order to mantain(although ill probably let myself gain about 20 pounds a year).

  • I got 100% immobile! Hell yeah I want to become a fat blob so big that I cant move I hope this can happen one day and then I can play with my jiggly juicy rolls of fat ;)

  • I am very happy with my 100% result! I am already close to/nearing obesity (I have not been gaining long and am about 5'5)

  • R y'all really fetishizing fat people now


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