Should I be a baby?

Take the quiz and find out and see if you still want to be a baby or don’t want to be one. And see if you like the whole treatment of the diapers or the whole thing.

You should find out how much baby you want to be. And who you want to take care of you and if your part baby and adult or just baby or just adult let’s find out!

Created by: Mackenzie Coupland
  1. Do you wish you were a baby
  2. Do you want the whole baby treatment ex: crib, pacifier, early bedtime etc.
  3. Do you like wearing and using diapers
  4. How long have you thought of being a baby
  5. Who would change you
  6. Why do you want to be a baby
  7. Do you want to be an adult and a baby
  8. Do you want a mommy and daddy to take care of you
  9. Would you have a baby sitter if mommy’s and daddy were gone
  10. How long will you be a baby
  11. How would you like to Ben turned into a baby

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