Do you act like a baby?

Do you act like a baby? Do you need baby treatment? Are you not accepting the fact you're a baby? Are you dared to take this quiz? Does your mom wanna see if your ready for big boy/girl pants?

Whatever the reason, this quiz is welcome to anyone to take! Adult or Baby, which one are you? Have fun taking this quiz and don't let this quiz pick your life for you, that's your decision!

Created by: Anonymous of Do you act like a baby?
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  1. Do you wet yourself during night?
  2. Do you mess yourself during night?
  3. Do you wet yourself during the day?
  4. Do you mess yourself during the day?
  5. Do you suck your thumb?
  6. Are you sensitive?
  7. Do like to be lazy?
  8. What do you wear?
  9. Do you smoke?
  10. Do you drink?
  11. Hello little baby!
  12. Which would you rather do?

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Quiz topic: Do I act like a baby?

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