Shinigami Entrance Exam

Not all can become a Shinigami.You must have a gift if not you are not fit to be one...The skill you need you will find it in this quiz.Hope that you pass it and you will enter in the Shinigami Academy

Are you fit to become a Shinigami?Then take this Quiz. Get high score and you pass get low score then don't be sad you can't win them all Try the other quizzes: Shinobi,Melee/Non-Melee and Magic

Created by: alex
  1. What do you like?(Normal Zanpakutou
  2. What do you want?
  3. What is the Strongest Hollow type
  4. Who normally have Bankai forms?
  5. How Many Squads are in the Gotei X
  6. How can you become a Shinigami after you die?
  7. How many members are in the Espada?
  8. What is the English name of a Zanpakutou?
  9. Who is the commander of the Gotei X?
  10. Where do Shinigami stay?

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