WWE Entrance Theme Quiz

This quiz is about WWF/E wrestling theme songs. It will question you on past and present themes. It asks a few questions directly. Some of the questions were thought of to make it different from other people's. I would suggest that people who take the quiz, have watched wrestling for a while.

This quiz holds 10 questions, they are all based on WWF/E entrance themes. I tried to make them as different as possible. I tried to relate to a few wrestling themes that many people have forgotten about over the years.

Created by: Sid
  1. Whoes theme starts with an explosion?
  2. Which member of T&A had a theme named "Time To Rock N' Roll"?
  3. Who once used the theme "Land of Hope and Glory"?
  4. Hulk Hogan once used the theme "Real American". Who else used this theme?
  5. Who sung the song "Tutti Fruity" ?
  6. Biritsh Bulldog's "Rule, Britannia!" theme was once mixed with another superstars theme. Whoes theme was it mixed with?
  7. Stand back, there's a ...... comin' through.
  8. "Whatever" was the name of whoes theme?
  9. Which WWE manager sung the song "Eat your heart out, Rick Springfield"?
  10. Which former WWF champion sung the song "Pie".

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