Sherlockian Who are you quiz.

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Did you just get into bbc Sherlock?Did you just finish the final problem and are doing this while bawling your eyes out like me.Or are you a returning

Sherlockian That has watched it over and over and over and over?Do you prefer the Robert Downy Jr. version if you prefer the R.D.Jr. version this is not for you because we’re doing bbc!

Created by: Dragon 11
  1. Would you rather
  2. Eat?
  3. Wadd’ya wanna wear?
  4. What about MURDER???
  5. Miss me?
  6. Love?
  7. Scotland Yard?
  8. Are you addicted to something?(be it Pepsi or drugs)
  9. Sherlock Holmes?
  10. What do you think about Eurus

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