Seven Minutes In Heaven Outcomes

A quiz for girls about what COULD happen if they dared to play seven minutes in heaven. Please note: the outcomes are just from a quiz, and this quiz is just for fun. Nothings guarentued, OK?

So what WILL happen when you finally get inside that closet... hmmm, take this quiz to find out. This is for girls, there are three boys: Sid, Joe and Luke, but which one will you end up with, and what will happen?

Created by: adieah

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of these most appeal to you?
  2. Which of these activities most appeal to you?
  3. Which of these names sound the nicest to you?
  4. Would you like a baby?
  5. If you were playing seven minutes in heaven, and you could choose how serious it got, how serious would it be?
  6. You feel most comfortable...
  7. You like...
  8. If a boy asked you out for a pizza, your response would be...
  9. Do you know all about what happens BEFORE PREGNANCY?
  10. You would like to be on a date where?

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