Seven Dirty Minutes In Heaven

Hello, okay, please, please I will warn you--don't report this quiz because it's really, really dirty! And I am VERY...The results are dirty but the questions might not be dirty.

If you are under 13 or 15 or something like that, I suggest you close the tab of this quiz because it is very dirty...this QUESTIONS MAY NOT BE DIRTY but the RESULTS ACTUALLY ARE!!

Created by: hottie_guy_guy_guy

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  1. Hi! Please don't report this quiz, I warned you in the paragraphs in the begnning that the quiz answers would be VERY VERY VERY dirty! Please don't report!
  2. Okay, the first few questions are just gonna be personality questions. Ready?
  3. Are you dirty minded?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. Have you ever had IT?
  6. Do you watch p-pp-pp...o...r...n?
  7. At night, do you think of REALLY, REALLY dirty stuff?
  8. Are you sensitive?
  9. Do you have a boyfriend?

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