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How much do you know about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? If you're a die hard fan of Fromsoftware games, then here's a quiz to test your knowledge. Good Luck!

This Quiz is intended for Lisa Norton. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an Action RPG set in a fantasy Japanese world. The reflexive gameplay and ingenious design earned it a GOTY title.

Created by: 4cqker
  1. What is the name of Wolf's Sword, gifted to him by Kuro?
  2. Which prosthetic tool is useful in defeating the boss Gyoubu Oniwa?
  3. Which of these areas has the most Sculptor's Idols?
  4. Kotaro is an NPC in Sekiro. Which of these is the best description of them?
  5. Which of these key items is not meant to be given to a character?
  6. Which of the Folding Screen Monkeys wears a green robe?
  7. Which of these enemies cannot inflict Terror upon the player?
  8. What name does the Armored Warrior scream upon being defeated?
  9. In how many unique locations can the player encounter a Great Serpent?
  10. How many basic Prosthetic tools exist in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice?
  11. Which of these facts about O'Rin of the Water is false?
  12. Which of these is a true set of effects that the Demon Bell inflicts upon the world when enabled?
  13. Which of the endings requires the player to fight Isshin Ashina?
  14. The Mibu Breathing Technique allows the player to explore underwater areas. Which of these locations does not have a body of water to dive in?
  15. Which of these is not a real Tutorial Message shown to the player?
  16. Which of these Achievements is not possible to get without finishing the game more than once? (The brackets include what the achievement is related to, as a hint)
  17. If you are able to defeat Genichiro the first time you face him, then Sekiro loses his arm in an alternative way. Which of these best describes that method?
  18. The Tengu describes the "Rats" that have snuck into Ashina. Which of these features is not defined by him?
  19. What are Snap Seeds useful for?
  20. Which of these bosses does not drop a Memory?
  21. Which of these merchants sells the item, "Withered Red Gourd"

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