See How Ugly Or Pretty You Are

Have You Ever Wanted If Your Are Ugly? If You Have Then Try And Take This Quiz. By The End Of It You Will Most Likey Know. Its Based On Your Looks And Hijean.

Most Of The Questions Are Short So It Wont Take Long. Its Pretty Accurate Except Maybe For Spelling. So You Can Find Out If Your Ugly Or Good Looking In A Short Amount Of Time!

Created by: brittney
  1. How Many Pimples Do You Normally Have On A Day To Day Base?
  2. Whats Your Smile :) Look Like?
  3. How Do You Dress?
  4. Do You Have Any Facial Flaws?
  5. How Much Make-Up Do You Wear? Or If Your A Guy How Much Do You Shave?
  6. Whats Your Body Look Like ?
  7. If You Had To Describe Your Self What Would You Say?
  8. Do You Ever See People Stare At You.
  9. How Many People Ask You Out On A Daily bases?
  10. Whats Your Hair Like?
  11. How Much Do You Shower?
  12. How Would You Rate This Quiz? (Will Not Affect Your Score)

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