second shout out quiz! your host: FINCHY

WOW I LOVE YOU BFF'S. yes i do yes i do yessety yes yes yes ' ^^' just take the damn quiz, person!!!! GOD DAMMIT I HIT MY FACE

WOW I LOVE YOU BFF'S. how come you dun like me dude, i liked you back. yes i do yes i do yessety yes yes yes ' ....copy paste is the best.

Created by: Omega_Wolf

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  1. To Omegy (OmegaWolf9)
  2. To Rave (Rave98)
  3. LuckyFirefly (Lueh, Lucky...)
  4. Sonic (sonic_x)
  5. Icee (ICEE_CHILL)
  6. Absol (absol_heart)
  7. Geek (The_Geek)
  9. we you on this quiz

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Quiz topic: Second shout out quiz! my host: FINCHY