How Well Do You Know Ouran High School Host Club????

There are many Ouran HighSchool Host Club fans, but are you a SUPER FAN? take this quiz to find out if you are the true Ouran high school host club fan!

Ok so we all know that no one reads this so just get on with the quiz!!!!!! I hope you like it!!!!!, Why are you still reading this? Go take the quiz!

Created by: Pjlover
  1. Is Haruhi a boy or girl?
  2. Is Tamaki a blonde?
  3. Is Mori short?
  4. What is Honey's favorite sweet?
  5. Does Kyoya have glasses?
  6. What drink does Haruhi introduce to the host club??
  7. Tamaki is the _______ of the host club.
  8. What is Honey's real name? (Don't pay attention to the spelling)
  9. Ooh I forgot the twins!!! Which twin had pink hair in episode 5?
  10. Who gets lost in episode 7?
  11. Who does Tamaki almost go back to France with?
  12. Who does Tamaki end up with?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Ouran High School Host Club????