The Science Museum is located in London. It is famous for it's wide collection of scientific galleries, Imax 3D Theatre, special exhibitions and many more.

But what do YOU know about the Science Museum? Are you really interested in science and in the Science Museum? Take this quiz and you will find out about your interests regarding the Science Museum in London!

Created by: sciencemuseum

  1. Where is the Science Museum situated?
  2. When was the Science Museum founded?
  3. Who is the Director of the National Museum of Science?
  4. Which award hasn’t been won by the Science Museum?
  5. How many visitors visit the Museum of Science every year? (average)
  6. How many of these visitors were 16 years old or younger? How much do they pay to enter?
  7. Which special exhibition will take place in the Science Museum during our schooltrip?
  8. What are the opening hours?
  9. Can you celebrate your birthday at the Science Museum?
  10. How is the family restaurant on the ground floor at the back of the museum called?

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