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  • i rate something really bad must like, happen to well, Sage. and that adrian and jareth doesn't know, so lets say Cam comes back and totally tries to kill Sage but adrian and jareth are like not there and so Sage debates on keeping her injuries and stuff a secret from the dudes and eventually they find out and are pissed but concerned.

    oh and piece of advice, write whatever comes to you, even if u think it's totally bogus.

    and i love your quizzes!wish u would hurry up and make more or i'll throw rabid pandas at you! :P YAY for Adrian.

  • Found part 7 xD awesome story still

  • YEA!!!!!!!! i got Adrian!!! he is so HAWTTT!!!! love quiz!! PEACE!! :) (i have no suggestions on the next one...sorry idk)

  • IM STILL LOVIN JARED!!!!!!!!! pART 8?????


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