Scare Factor. What would you do?

Are you afraid of Butterflies and moths, or are you the type no one will stand before, for you have nothing to loose. if you are the type with nothing at all to loose, than do this quiz to see how fearful you are. Heck, you could be the new superhero, or you migh tremble before one.

Until now you wonder, what am i scared of... could i be a wimp? could i be the next superhero, with nothing to loose. could i stand before a powerful dragon and live to tell the tail. if so, take this quiz and find out if yoiu have an inner superhero... or an iner wimp?

Created by: Emma Wiersma of scare
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  1. If you were home alone, and you heard a noise outside at the back, you would...
  2. if you were on your computer, and you only had your sister/brother home with you, but he/she was sleeping, and you heard a rattling coming from behind you, would you
  3. you are walking along an abandoned street, and you turned and saw a huge person following you, would you
  4. you were at home, on the internet, and suddenly, all the power turned off. you heard police sirons in the distance, and you saw the back door handle slowly turning. you would...
  5. if you were on your bike, and suddenly was knocked off whaty would you do..
  6. you have a horrible dream, and you wake up sweating and hurting. you look around and find your house is on fire. you live in a two story house, so how are you going to get down. you-
  7. you wake up one night, and you see a light in the corner of your room. you throw something at it and soon, it comes closer. you...
  8. would you spend a night in a supposibly haunted house. you
  9. you are totally afraid of spiders and your besty decides to pull a prank on you. she/he decides to put a fake spider on your work and you jump, only to find out later your friend is a d!*@. you
  10. do you like ice-cream?

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