Saving Patience

Okay. This is my first story quiz and I really would like feedback!! Oh and I know the title is weird but it'll make sense in a bit. Oh and I'm sorry if I offend anyone by stealing any character ideas!


Created by: Macluv5

  1. Hey there! This is my first story quiz and I'd really like your feedback. So here goes!
  2. You go to Ellison Prep, a boarding school in the remote mountains of North Carolina. It's the most elite of the elite. You have one best friend named Lizzy, and you spend most of you time outside in the park or in your dorm.
  3. "think fast!" yells Lizzy, throwing a pink, fuzzy pen at you. You spin around, catching the pen in time, and throwing it right back at her. "why are you so fast?" she whined. "I've told you before! You are just super slow and everyone else is normal speed!" you laugh, shutting your locker. She smiles sarcastically and you two walk to biology homeroom. You sit down next to each other as the bell rings, and notice a boy with well-kept blonde hair sitting on the other side of you. You've never seen him before. "hey there!" you say, tapping him on the shoulder. He just turned and glared at you with piercing green eyes.
  4. After fourth period, it's lunch. You sit down at your usual table with Lizzy, and you see the boy from homeroom staring at you. "Lizzy! Look!" you point to the boy and he immediately puts his head down into a book. "what?" she asks, obviously not noticing him. "never mind." you say, weirded out.
  5. After school, your thoughts have left the mystery boy, and you go to sit in the park and do your homework. Lizzy went back to her dorm to take a shower. You walk over to your favorite oak tree, in the shade and all alone. You're just in the middle of photosynthesis, when it starts to rain. You scramble to put your things away and run toward the nearest building, the P.E. Shed. 'I thought the forecast was for sunny skies all day.' you think. "it did." said a voice from behind. It was the boy from earlier that day. "how'd you...?" you wonder aloud. "how did I read your mind? All will be explained my dear. Just as soon as we're safe. My name is Peter by the way," he said before he waved his hand in front of you, and you passed out. "I'm just taking you where your safe. Just trust me." he said before everything went black.
  6. You wake up in a strange room. There are floor to Delong windows on the wall across from you, so you get up and look out. The sky was bright and sunny and there was a small lake surrounded by a forest. It looked like the storm had never happened. 'Where am I?' you thought. Just then, the only door in the room opened, and Peter came in. "what the **** is going on???" you screamed. "please don't use that foul language! But I said that I would explain when we were safe. Follow me. It's time you met the team." Your head spun. The team? And what was going on? Peter lead you through a dark hallway onto a flight of marble stairsl at the bottom there was a room directly on the left. The entire room was white, and Peter sat you down onto one of the white couches. "I'll be back. The guys are probably finishing up breakfast." and he left.
  7. Peter returned a few minutes later with 3 other boys. One was pale with dark brown hair and pitch black eyes. He introduced himself as Eric. Another one had black hair and bright blue eyes, the color of the sky. He was the tallest, but he looked emo. He introduced himself as Jake. The last boy had light brown hair and hazel eyes. He was very muscular and introduced himself as Nick. You sat there in awe.
  8. "____, I'm a wizard. Eric is a vampire. Nick is a werewolf. Jake is a fallen angel, and you have all of our abilities." Peter said quickly.
  9. "wait what?!" you asked in disbelief. "well I tried to make it simple." peter said. "look, you are the next ruler of the mythical realm and you must choose one of us to marry." Eric blurted. "WHAT?!?" you demanded. "smooth, Eric." Jake commented. "look, it's true. Please just face it." Peter said. "can you just give me some time?" you asked, feeling like you were going to faint. "wait. There's one more thing." Nick said. "oh really? Do I have to fight a dragon and give you it's head?" you said sarcastically. Jake rolled his eyes, "no. You just have to save your long lost twin sister from evil." he said.
  10. Sorry about the cliffhanger!!! Will you rate?? Comment??
  11. Okay just real quick:

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