Saftey on the Web

The interneat is an expanding empire at the moment. It is important that we use it properly. There are many people looking to hurt others and chat rooms and other places are an easy place to do it.

Are you safe on the web? If a predetor came to you would you know what to do? The interneat is endless so what can you do to learn? Well take this short quiz to find out were you stand on this major issue!

Created by: Albert

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  1. What is an appropriate screen name?
  2. Should you ever go and meet any online chatter that you just met?
  3. Who usually preforms cyber bullying?
  4. Is any chat room safe?
  5. Should you ever give out personal information to a person that you just met?
  6. Which is worse?- Cyber Bullying or Physical
  7. Should you have a parent or guardian in the same room when you meet someone new?
  8. Is the internet a reliable source even though there are predators?
  9. What should you do if a "chatter" asks you if you want to meet?
  10. Is there any real way of finding out if you are talking to an online predator?

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