Running From Life ~pt.2~

Thank you people who took part one! And, a special thanks for those who commented(ange, mcqueen)! I hope you like part two! Again, it might not be very good.

Thank you people who took part one! And a special thanks to the those who commented(ange, mcqueen)! I hope you like part two! Again, it might not be very good.

Created by: MeIsMe

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  1. Coward. Running away so I don't have to face my responsibilities. Coward. People really need to listen to what I say. They never do. They never ask for my oppinions(sp). "Anna!" Lukas yells to me. I find my self down on my knees, my hands inbetween my legs, and my head on my knees. "Sorry. Please don't tell Brady and Ian about that." I want to tell him everything. About my friends. My family. But I can't. I can't talk about anything. They were my life. I honestly didn't have anything to live for. Thanks to that demon. Why me? That question keeps forcing itself into my mind. But that's selfish. I need to ask myself why them?
  2. I get up, and take Lukas' hand. "Lukas, do you think that I'm just some stupid, and weak girl?" I surprise myself with that question. I guess it surprises Lukas to, he just stares at me for a minute, searching for words. But, finally, he shakes his head. It's silent, until we get to the house. Ian runs up to me. "Anna! Brady's hurt!" He says to me. I take a minute to think about what he says, then I find Ian leading me into a room lined with books. "I don't know what happened." Ian tells me. I do. It's exactly what happened to me. He tried to run away from the demon. He wasn't being a coward though. Nobody could fight a demon, unexpectedly.
  3. The gash in Brady's head is almost idenical to the gash that once existed in my theigh. He is surrounded by dark red blood. I almost puke, but hold it down, as Brady is almost loosing consioness(sp). I am worried that he does, he won't wake up. I start to cry, and look at Ian. "What am I supposed to do?" I ask him, tears running down my face. "He can't die. It's my fault. He saved me, the demon meant to kill me, but he got in the way." I tell Ian. He actually starts to cry. "I don't know. Do you think that you could lure the demon back if I took Brady out of the house, and Lukas hid inbetween the shelves?" Ian asks me. "Probably. Why?" I ask him, tears are streaming down my face now.
  4. "Just trust me." Ian says to me, he runs off, comes back five minutes later, and hands your bow and arrows. "Just don't let him die." I tell him. Again, the question pops into my mind. Why me? I'm so selfish. Brady could be dieing, and I'm asking why does everything happen to me... I take the bow from Ian and hug him. "Don't." I whisper into his ear as I'm hugging him. I bend over and hug Brady. "Don't die." I whisper, crying again. I whipe away the blood on part of his forehead and kiss the where it wasn't covered in blood.
  5. Ian manages to drag Brady out of the room, out of the house, and into the woods. I don't want to get Lukas hurt so I don't tell him Ian's plan. I take this time as an opportunity to explore the house. I walk into a room, just past the white kitchen, and see that Lukas was watching NCIS and fell asleep. I laugh quietly to myself. Lukas wakes up, and I jump around the corner, so he doesn't know that I am out of my room. I walk silently into the kitchen and pretend to be making myself a ham sandwich. Lukas walks in. "Want a sandwich?" I ask him. He looks temporarily satisfied with the sandwich, until he remembers what Ian said about Brady. "Is Brady ok?" He asks me, looking serious.
  6. I imediantly burst into tears, because I don't really know if he is ok, suffering, fine, or... no. I do not need to see this situation like that. "Are you okay?" Lukas asks me, walking over to me, and putting his arms around my shoulder. I hear the rythm of his heart, bubump. Bubumb. "Anna." He says, pulling away from me. "Don't worry about Brady. He's going to be ok. He's strong, both physically(sp) and emotionally." Lukas tells me, his eyes starting to tear up. I burry myself into his coat, forcing myself not to cry. Not to be a coward. I need to face my responsibilities. Not crying, when I'm not hurt at all.
  7. Lukas walks into a different room, and comes back with a pair of black carhart work boots. "Back home we used these for hunting. Thanks, Lukas." I tell him, hugging him again. I actually meant it. I am actually able to look at something from my memories and, not cry, but feel genuinly(sp) happy. "No problem." He tells me, fighting back a wide grin. He finally gives in to the grin, and gives me a perfect white smile. I smile back. "You know that Brady might..." My voice trails off, because I see a glint of pain in Lukas' eyes. "Don't talk like that. At least not around me. Brady is like a big brother to me. You don't even know how hard this is for me." He tells me. I kind of feel insulted. But once I think about it, I realize how tough it probably is for Lukas and Ian. Probably about tripple how sad I am.
  8. I tell Lukas that I'm tired and that I'm going to lie down. I walk to my room, cuurl up under all of the blankets, and lie down. I cry silently for a minute, and fall asleep. I have a dream that Ian and Brady are in a meadow. Ian goes to get food, and leaves Brady alone. Once he leaves, the meadow catches fire. I can't wake up. I keep yelling his name, over and over again. He just keeps burning. I wake up to Lukas shaking my shoulders. I wipe my hands over my face, thinking that it's just sweat. But I realise that it's tears. "Come on. Let's go downstairs." Lukas tells me. He does not let go of my hand, even when I fall asleep again, I wake up with him shaking me with one hand, the other holding my hand tightly. The dream just keeps repeating itself, over and over. I pull my legs to my side, and lie my head on Lukas' theigh. "Try and stay awake. Please. You're starting to scare me." He tells me. I beleive him, so he clicks the tv on and I just stare up at him.
  9. I hear the sliding glass door open, and footsteps. I sit up, but Lukas just rests my head on a pillow, walks out of the room, and I hear alot of laughing. I walk into the room, and see Ian and Lukas, both helping Brady stand up. Brady! He still has the gash on his head, and a couple bruises, but he is normal exept for that. I almost run to him and give him a hug, but see that he is wincing everytime he moves.
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