There are many fast people, but few truely fast people. Fast is, afterall, quite astonishing. What is "fast"? A fast person is someone who is able to go as fast as a car, is able to run until their heart stops, and see the turtles very slow.

Are YOU a fast person? Do you have the legpower to qualify for that colossal quest? Until now you are only enable to wonder. But, thanks to this brand spanken new quiz, in a couple of minutes you will find out the truth!

Created by: The best tomboy

  1. This is a story quiz!
  2. oops hi
  3. BTW "those" is supposed to be zombies.
  4. This will be broke into chapter so, yea
  5. Chapter 1: A ship! It was an average day Tumsville. Every thing was in order. Suddenly a spaceship rolled in! "WHAT'S THAT!?" yelled one of the villagers.
  6. Sudenly, a tall, skinny man said, "I'LL LOOK INSIDE." All the villagers nodded. The man, whos nick-name was Slingshot went inside the aircraft. 13 minutes later he came back out. "NOTHINGS IS IN THERE!" he yelled. Just then, a second space ship landed.
  7. Chapter 2: A talking pig! Then a pig ran out in front of the croud. He said "RUN FROM THOSE... THOSE... ZOMBIES!!!" Oinked the pig. All at once the villagers said "A TALKING PIG!?IMMPOSIBLE!" Only a mijority of them said immposible though. This was a concern.
  8. Chapter 3: ZOMBIES INCOMING! Then, the pig ran away. The ufo door opened! Out came zombies. All the villagers screamed in horror. Who is corageous enough to safe them from the zombies?Is ANYONE even brave enough to save ONE villager?
  9. Yipee! My first story quiz is done. Rate and comment please.
  10. See yam later!

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