Do you like fast food?

There are many wonderful people in this world. Most of them love fast food. Who wouldn't? I have a quiz for you, why don't you try it out and see how smart about fast food you are.

Do you know everything about fast food? Take this quiz and find how smart you are about the delicious fast food! Thanks to this quiz, you'll find out how smart you are!

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  1. who made fish and chips?
  2. are chips actually made out of potatoes?
  3. who created McDonalds?
  4. How old is McDonalds?
  5. what is the name of donut kings game?
  6. burger what?
  7. what is the 10th most popular fast food?
  8. what is mcDonalds most popular item?
  9. how much does a cheeseburger from hungry jacks?
  10. how much for chips in mcDobnalds?(large)

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Quiz topic: Do I like fast food?