Many people are wise in today's world. In contrast, there are some that are unwise. A wise person deals with emotes rationally and is connected to their own spirituality.

Are YOU wise? are you a person that others would consider to be in touch with themselves but also considerate to others. In a few minuted you will find out how wise you are!

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  1. If you saw someone steal from a store, what would you do?
  2. When you are angry, what do you typically do?
  3. Do you know everything?
  4. When you are doing an assignment for school, which of the following applies to you
  5. How many times a week are you alone?
  6. How religious are you?
  7. Are you good at handling situations?
  8. Do you accept everyone?
  9. Are you close to family and friends?
  10. Who do you most admire?

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