Are you like me? (Personality)

There are many people in this world, but not very many are alike. Are you like me at all? This is personality wise, so if you want looks wise, I have that too.

So, are you like me? I dont know why you are reading this, because it is boring. Take the stupid quiz and see if you are like me at all, or if you arent like me. In any way. Or inbetween. JUST TAKE THE QUIZ! XD

Created by: Skyler Potter

  1. Remember, this is personality. If you want looks, then I have that too. Pick the first one for it to count.
  2. Are you wierd?
  3. Are you funny? (As in, do people laugh at your jokes?)
  4. Are you nice to people?
  5. Are you outgoing.
  6. Do you like music?
  7. Do you play one or more of these instruments: Piano Flute Piccolo Organ Guitar
  8. Do you like acting?
  9. Do you like the ocean?
  10. Are you mostly happy, besides when something tragic happens?

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Quiz topic: Am I like me? (Personality)