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Hello! This is a trivia quiz where you can see if you are a true ROBLOX Sandbox player! Anyway, wish you luck! This trivia will contain: Confusion and History of Sandbox.

I'm very sorry if there's something wrong. I'm new to GoToQuiz! Enjoy the trivia quiz! Also, note on the question 8 until 10, please press the Ok button on the top to get 6 points! Please forgive me about those dots at the end of the result messages! I'm just lazy to type about it! Enjoy!!

Created by: Ururuchan

  1. How much Robux do you have to pay for VIP in ROBLOX Sandbox?
  2. Who is the creator of ROBLOX Sandbox?
  3. Does ROBLOX Sandbox has another version of it? If yes, describe the name and confirm if it's officially made by the owner of ROBLOX Sandbox.
  4. Who is Sandbox's Community Manager?
  5. When was ROBLOX Sandbox 1 and 2 created?
  6. How many visits were there in Sandbox 1?
  7. How many baseplates are there in both Sandbox's?
  8. Just skip question 8 until 10. They won't let me just have 7 questions.
  9. Keep going..
  10. And congratulations! Now you will see your score!

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