Rise of the Guardian: Part 8

Hi guys! The next part of this, part nine, will lead up to the last serves of this, we're Angelica chooses her true love. So.... I've had a hard time deciding who she should have, so I've decided to make separate endings for each guy, excluding Castiel.

Also, I've decided to begin my new replacement series, 'All because of a coke', so take a look at it! Parts one and two are already out, so...... Yeah.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***Lucifer***As much as I hated to admit it, maybe this Angelica girl wasn't worth all of this. I'd been trekking throughout the woods for over a day with Derrek, and let me tell you this -- that boy is annoying. " Lucifer, I've been thinking," he sighed, his dark eyes falling to mine with an odd glazed look. " What about?" " How I could have her to myself if I killed you." He grinned.
  2. ***Derrek***His eyes grew wider as he spotted the blade resting in the palm of my hand, my fingers firmly clutching it as I raised it over my head. His screams pierced the sky, crows screeching as he crumpled over, blood dripping down his horrendous body. " Goodbye, Lucifer."
  3. His flaming red eyes were slightly glazed over, his once golden brown complexion a ghostly white. I gave a small grin as I knelt over his body, running my index finger across the stream of blood pouring from his chest. Blood. Oh how I missed the taste of it. Irony and yet so delicious. I lifted my finger to my mouth, savouring the rich blood as it trickled down my throat. " Hello, Derrek."
  4. ***Angelica***Tears continued to trickle down my cheeks as I held him closely, looping my arms around his neck, so glad to have a guy to protect me. " There dead, Angelica." he whispered huskily into my ear, his warm breath tickling the nape of my neck. " Who, Evian?" " Lucifer and Derrek. They're dead."
  5. His words sent a wave of joy up my spine as I held him closer, drawn in by his gentle breaths tickling me. " They're dead. When will it be safe for me to go back?" I asked him, my fingertips trailing down his rigid jawbone, falling down to his spectacular collar bone. " Soon. I can take you back tomorrow if D. J decides to take the throne. To become the new Devil."
  6. ***Castiel***I watched her gently twirl a strand of her turquoise hair around her index finger, the strand loosely falling down as her head snapped over to look at me. I'd been staring. A fiery blush crept up my cheeks as she gave a tiny smile, tilting her head to the side. " Maple?" I asked, her violet eyes glowing as she brushed her bangs aside. " Yes?" " I know we just met, but I feel this odd --" " Yes." "Yes?" " Yes, I'd like to be your girlfriend."
  7. ***Maple***His exotic blue eyes bore holes into me as he stared my way, a blush creeping up my cheeks as I realized I might actually like the doofus. Snapping my head to look at him, I gave a smug smile, his cheeks going a flamey red. " Maple?" he asked, eyes still on me. " Yes?" " I know we just met but I feel this odd --" " Yes." I whispered, my heart leaping as he gave a shocked look. " Yes?" " Yes, I'd like to be your girlfriend." I smiled.
  8. ***Daemon***He's dead. They're dead. My entire family besides my brothers, dead. It killed me to think this was how my life would end up being. I'd be all alone. Castiels got Maple and Angelica's gone.... What is there left for me here?
  9. ***Evian***Her eyes gently began to droop shut, and before I could stop myself, I'd already pressed my lips against hers, and surprisingly -- she kissed back. Arms looping around my neck, I instinctively wrapped mine around her lower waist. " You better get some rest. We have a long way to go." I whispered through kisses, scooping her up into my arms and carrying her outside.
  10. ***Angelica***The wind whipping across our faces, I could feel the moonlight dancing around us as if it had a secret nobody else could know. He arms continuously brushed against my lower legs, but I didn't mind. He was respective like that. I could tell he knew right from wrong and sensed no bad intentions, just love. As he walked down the lonesome street, I could feel my eyes slowly drooping shut, and finally -- gave into the thought of rest.
  11. ***THE NEXT DAY***"Angelica, wake up Sleeping Beauty." a masculine voice whispered into my ear, a gentle hand shaking me awake, my dream ending abruptly. " Zach?" I murmured, his golden eyes flicking over to me with such passion.... He wasn't ready to let me go. " Angelica, i missed you so much!" he screeched, pulling my limp body into his arms. Studying my surroundings, I realized I was back in my room in the cabin. " I missed you too, Zach."
  12. As sad as it was to see him as just a friend, I realized being with him right now was just too big for me to handle. " I'm sorry about last night. I wasn't thinking straight. It just hurt me to think it was my fault you were gone." " Zach, its fine. I already told you that. I get it, and honestly, I overreacted last night."
  13. ***Abigail***I gave a happy grin as the guys and even Maple cheered when Evian brought Angelica inside. I know they all missed her a lot -- I did too. I also knew Grayson was considering popping that big question again, but this time... This time I was beginning to think she might say yes.
  14. ***Grayson***I know I'd already asked her twice, but she was single now and needed a guy to protect her. I'd love to be that guy, and I planned on being it too. Abigail and I planned the perfect night for her and when the time comes, she'll say yes.
  15. ***CLIFFHANGER***I know this was a sucky cliffhanger, but it leads up to the big FINALE!

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