Which FFXIV race are you?

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Which FFXIV race are you?
Your Result: Miqo'te: Seekers of the sun

You are a Seeker of the sun, Miqo'te! you are a great hunter with superb olfactory sense, and powerful legs although few in number, you avoid other races and lead isolated lifestyles by your own choice. Seekers of the sun are Diurnal, preffering the warmth of daylight. you worship Azeyma the Warden, Goddess of the sun, and are best known for your striking eyes which have vertical pupils and faintly collored Irisis.

Duskwight Elezen
Miqo'te: Keepers of the moon
Wildwood Elezen
Sea Wolves Roegadyn
Hellsgate Roegadyn
Midland Hyur
Highland Hyur
Plainsfolk Lalafell
Dunesfolk Lalafell

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Thanks for taking my quiz! I spent a lot of time making sure that this wasn't a Pick-your-own-results quiz. I wanted you to get authentic answers that hinted toward the acctual behavior and lifestyle of the new races relese by sqare enix for Final Fantasy XIV. I hope you enjoyed it rest assured, the last three were just filler and had no effect on your results! I really can't stress that enough. I personaly hate quizes where you pick what you wanted. I mean, whats the point of having the other questions then???

"Which FFXIV race are you?" was created by Melissa

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