Republican or Democrat

This is a quiz to determine if you are Republican or Democrat based on the basic platform beliefs of each party. You may be surprised to learn where you fall if you answer truthfully!

Please be honest with yourself and know that this is just in fun and there is no requirement to change your political status if you find out that you think more like the other side!

Created by: Stephaney
  1. Government involvement in healthcare including obamacare should be enforced and people should be fined if they do not purchase healthcare.
  2. Government requiring private employer offered health care to cover contraceptives regardless of any religious affiliations and beliefs associated.
  3. Government requiring all citizens to purchase health care or pay a fine?
  4. Stance on immigration: Government offering a moratorium of deportation, amnesty for undocumented immigrants and a pathway to citizenship to certain undocumented immigrants with no criminal record who have lived in the U.S. For 5 years or more.
  5. Government should strengthen our border enforcement actions.
  6. Government should enact and enforce voter ID laws to prevent fraudulent voting.
  7. Government should increase minimum wage to help workers and not allow free market to set the minimum wage based on location and economic demand.
  8. Government should have progressive taxation. Meaning there is a higher tax rate for higher income bracket. Instead of a flat tax for all citizens regardless of income.
  9. Government should increase spending to our military. Including taking care of our veterans and retired military and their healthcare.
  10. Government should give equal rights to gays including the right to marry and adopt children.
  11. Elective abortions should be completely legal regardless of: "¢Rape or incest "¢Viability of baby "¢Stage of pregnancy including Third trimester abortions
  12. Government should fund embryonic stem cell research.
  13. Death penalty should be in place and upheld in all states.
  14. Government should protect and support our 2nd Ammendment right to bear arms and our right to carry concealed weapon in public places.

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