Relationship Placement Quiz 2

First off, I do not get to see your answers. The only person that knows what you put down is you. This quiz is intended to answer a number of questions. I get a lot of people asking me questions like why are you single. This helps to answer that, but also give a fair assessment of the different types that view my page.

We have all seen a lot of surveys. Many of us have even thought of an ideal relationship application. This quiz is an attempt to create something even better. I have compiled a variety of questions and concerns that are not just important to me but many fellas. Take a look, fill it out and let me know the results.

Created by: Ace of myspace
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How tall are you?
  2. What is your body type?
  3. How often would you like to see your man per week?
  4. Are you single?
  5. Do you have kids?
  6. Are you employed?
  7. Do you profit from illegal activity?
  8. How often would you like to have sex a week?
  9. Do you have a car?
  10. Are you sexually aggressive or submissive?
  11. Do you call back when you say you will?
  12. Do you enjoy fellatio?
  13. Spit or swallow?
  14. Would friends or exes call you bossy or a complainer?
  15. Were you a nerd or do friends say that you have strange habits?
  16. How is your vagina groomed?
  17. How important is maintaining your physique to you?
  18. Do you have any STD's?
  19. Have you ever cheated?
  20. Are you interested in swinging or threesomes?
  21. Are you straight, bisexual, or just a little curious?
  22. Do you want to have kids?
  23. Is it okay to lie to your mate?
  24. Do you smoke or use any illegal drugs?
  25. Do you like active sports?
  26. Do you cook often?
  27. Do you eat meat?
  28. Do you use hair weave?
  29. How often do you fund dates?
  30. Do you tend to panic or freak out when you are concerned about things not going according to plan?
  31. When someone asks if you are okay when you're not, do you tell them you are unhappy or upset?
  32. Are you a homebody or the outdoors type?
  33. Have you lied during this quiz?

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