Randomeeee quiz

Okay if you score higher than 50% your awesomely amazing! If you don't, I still love you for trying!! I hoe you will rate and comment on to quiz so I can improve it

Are you up to the challenge? Warning:very hard quiz. Don't take it if you don't think you can. But trying is what counts. So take it, rate it and love it!

Created by: Never2Late
  1. Omggggggg!
  2. Can you score higher than 80%fine 50?
  3. I bet you can't
  4. Witch one is correct?
  5. Do you love me?
  6. I love you!
  7. I like candy
  8. Guess what I look like
  9. Should I get a tattoo?
  10. Bubblegum
  11. Bye I love you!

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