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So this week at Hour 25, the Friday café is all about Friendship. That's why the question about Helios and Hephaestus. I could have asked about Thetis and Eurynome, I suppose.

Who is your favorite pair of friends in Greek Mythology? No fair naming twins who were stuck with one another from the every beginning, I'm talking about true friends.

Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. Odysseus cunningly lies as the "beggar" testing the swineherd to see if he will offer him a cloak by telling a story about how "he-the-beggar" saw the "real Odysseus" trick somebody out of a cloak back in the Trojan War. Who is man? This Ithacan swineherd?
  2. When Agamemnon expounds, "Offspring of Leda, guardian of my house..." to which woman does he refer?
  3. Aphrodite is to Aeneas son of Anchises as Thetis is to ______?
  4. With what handy object did Odysseus protect his modesty when washed ashore on Phaeacia and meeting Nausicaa?
  5. "Haimon, most philos! How your father strips you of tÄ«mÄ“! " Who definitely did NOT speak this line in "Antigone" ?
  6. What was the goddess Leucothea's mortal name?
  7. What color are the eyes of the goddess Athena?"
  8. The "Antigone" focuses on the highly charged moment when Creon first confronts his niece, Antigone, and accuses her of doing what to her brother, Polyneices?
  9. When Achilles says "Goodly son of Menoetius, dear to this heart of mine" who is he talking about?
  10. During the Gigantomachy the Titan Helios descended in the solar chariot at midday to rescue which Olympian smithy- god from three brutish snake-legged giants?

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