r u most like someone i hate or one of my friends?????????/

ok i have lots of friends i only put a few on here though tooo many to put on here and i hate a lot of people tooo long of a list but i am easy to get along with..

r u a person that i hate r one of mii friends lets find out this is a quiz to0 see if i will get along wit u wat r u waitin for lets find out ok soo go take the quiz!!!!!!

Created by: vampgirl14

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do u like twilight?
  2. wats ur fave color
  3. doo u get mad easily
  4. r u random
  5. im goin to say some things tell me wat u think: sports
  6. outside
  7. r u clumsy
  8. r u nice
  9. r u crazy
  10. wat is ur personality
  11. y did u take mii quiz

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