r u hot ,or a freak!?

some people think they are soooooo hot and others think they're so freakishly , uuummm . . ., freaky.do YOU know wich side you are on??? and are you sure your guess is correct???

are you hot or a freak? if you don't know, take this quiz and climb aboard to go across a few questions that will lead you to a result i'm hoping you'd enjoy.

Created by: blister_ash

  1. on a scale from 1-10, how pretty r u?
  2. how would you describe your skin?
  3. how is your hair?
  4. on a scale from 1-10, how much make up dou put on???
  5. how much dates have u gone on?
  6. do u think someone likes u?
  7. wyat r u more into?
  8. what do u do on weekends?
  9. wat do u think you'll get?
  10. will u rate?

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