R U a REAL Harry Potter fan?

a genuis, doesn't come to just everyone. but, a Harry Potter genuis- well, Harry Potter is a hard subject. read on, and you'll find out why, my friends.

are YOU a Harry potter genuis? do u know YOUR Harry Potter facts? well, you'll find your facts put to the test in this one of a kind quiz. so go ahead, take this quiz, if you dare.

Created by: samantha

  1. In the seventh book, in chapter "Bathilda's Secret" what body Part did Nagini come out of the impersonated Bathilda?
  2. in the fourth movie, in the second task, what is the firt line of the song sung by merpeople when Harry opens the egg in the bathtub?
  3. in the fifth book and movie, what number shelf in the department of mysteries does HArry find his prophecy?
  4. In what year did Dumbldore set the curtains in his dormitory on fire?
  5. in what year did lupin reaveal that Fenrir Greyback (the werwolf) bit him?
  6. in what movie did Sirius die?
  7. how big is Dudley's butt?
  8. How many books are there in all?
  9. what year did i join Hogwarts?
  10. What is draco Malfoy's last name?

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